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Crafco-Patcher-Header The Mighty Mastic Melter for Asphalt and Concrete Repair

The Crafco Patcher is an oil-jacketed melter specifically designed to melt mastic sealants. The Patcher features digital controls to assure that mastic temperatures are held within specifications at all times. The Patcher has angled and staggered agitation blades which provide superior material agitation and aggregate suspension for a consistent material blend. A 6:1 gear box delivers high torque to eliminate agitation stall when using high-density material. The Patcher is equipped with many safety features, including an automatic shut-off on the lid to prevent injuries during operation. With an array of options - like the heated swivel chute - placing mastic is fast and easy.

Don't Forget your Patcher II™ Accessories for Easy, Fast Application of Hot-Applied Mastics!

Crafco Drag Boxes for the Patcher II allow fast and easy application of Mastic One and PolyPatch, for various types of longitudinal repairs. It’s ideal for repairs that utilize the Patcher II; simply attach and drive down the road along the repair.

It’s available in various sizes ranging from 10” to 48” wide to cover distresses such as cold joints, shoulder repairs, and alligator cracks. The Crafco Drag Box provides a consistent and smooth application of hot-applied mastics quickly and easily, making longitudinal repairs fast and efficient!

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Patcher I™ & Patcher II™ Benefits include:

Go-To-Arrow-medium Diesel-powered

Go-To-Arrow-medium Digital temperature controls

Go-To-Arrow-medium 6:1 gear box

Go-To-Arrow-medium Easy clean-out

Go-To-Arrow-medium Safety shut-off lid

Go-To-Arrow-medium Oil-jacketed, double boiler

Go-To-Arrow-medium Designed to handle an array of materials

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Patcher I and Patcher II works wonders with these Crafco products

 Mastic OneTM




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The perfect companion for use with the Patcher

The Crafco Hot Mastic Applicator is designed to be used with the Crafco Patcher for the transfer and placement of PolyPatch mastic and mastic material. Feature include a reversible handle for ease of use and safety, Long agitation bar, Removable shoe, an improved discharge gate, heat chute, material agitation, wheel stability and heat efficiency.



Go-To-Arrow-medium Apply 10 gallons of mastic before refilling to improve productivity

Go-To-Arrow-medium Self-contained heated material box maintains effective temperature and decreases spill potential and worker fatigue

Go-To-Arrow-medium Reversible handle to better accommodate traffic conditions and increase worker safety

Go-To-Arrow-medium Gate controls close to the handle allow for single-person operation

Go-To-Arrow-medium Heat at the material chute provides better material flow

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