The new Crack Sealant Package!

Crafco PLEXI-melt packaging is an exciting new development for boxless, consumable packaging of hot-applied pavement crack and joint sealing products. The package consists of the extremely strong and durable yet quick melting PLEXI-melt wrap, which contains and protects the sealant material. The PLEXI-melt package is the lightest weight, most sustainable sealant package available, weighing only 3 ounces, which is less than 1% of product weight.

PLEXI-melt package, products are much easier to handle and melt much faster than with conventional sealant block configurations. The PLEXI-melt packages and pallets of product are both weather and water resistant.

Package weight 25 lbs ea.
80 packages per pallet
Pallet weight 2000 lbs net

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PLEXI-melt Specifications

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  No waste
Easier handling
Uses less space,
Less pallet & package weight
No box recycling
Uses less man power
Reduces melt time
Increases production
Up to 50% faster melt rate
Same weight, less space!

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