CRAFCO Pavement Preservation & Maintenance Field Reports & Case Studies



Field Reports

Field reports are generated by Crafco representatives as they witness state agencies and contractors utilize Crafco pavement preservation materials and equipment to repair roads and bridges. Field reports detail the results of Crafco products used in an array of climates, traffic conditions, and surface types. If you would like to obtain a copy of any Field Report shown below, simply click on that report and an e-mail will open up for you to contact Crafco. Please include your name and company information in the body of the e-mail and that Field Report will be forwarded to you. The reports are separated by Crafco product:

Flexible Marker Adhesive™

Flexible Marker Adhesive - US-67, TX

HP Concrete Cold Patch™

HP Concrete - CALTRANS, CA

HP Concrete - I-88, Richmondville, NY

HP Concrete - Regional Transportation Dept., Denver, CO

Mastic One™

Mastic One - Highway 460, VA

Mastic One - Local Streets, Garden Grove, CA


PolyPatch - Various Roads, Lebanon, IL

Spray Injection Patching

Spray Injection Patching - Bridges of Madison County, IL

Spray Injection Patching - Texas DOT, TX


TechCrete - Lakeland Drive Bridge, MS

TechCrete TBR - Rte. 5 Bridge, VT

TechCrete - Dulles International Airport, VA

TechCrete - Hondo Airport, TX

TechCrete TBR - Pennsylvania Turnpike Bridge Decks, PA

TechCrete - Pennsylvania Turnpike Bridge Decks, PA

TechCrete - Rte. 76, OH

TechCrete - DFW International Airport, TX

TechCrete - I-94, IL

TechCrete - Small Application

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Case Studies

The case studies detail how a Crafco product addressed the pavement preservation needs of an agency or contractor. Case studies walk the reader through the issue, the material choice, and the end result. The case studies are in order of release date:

2015 - December - PolyPatch™ - 1st Avenue, New York, NY

2015 - November - Mastic One™ - Rte.89, Sanpete County, UT

2015 - October - HP Concrete Cold Patch™ - I-88, Richmondville, NY

2016 - July - HP Concrete Cold Patch™ - Regional Transportation Dept. (RTD), Denver, CO

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