CRAFCO Bridge & Pavement Surface Solutions

Since 1976, Crafco has been producing innovative and effective pavement preservation materials. Industry tested, approved, and recommended, the Crafco lines of crack sealants, silicones, mastics, and cold patches have been proven to be the longest-lasting and most durable on the market. Simply put, if you have pavement cracks or distresses and you want the best performing, most cost-effective solutions, then you need Crafco products.

Crafco offers the following:

Hot-applied crack sealants

Cold-applied silicone joint sealants

Hot-applied mastic sealants for asphalt

Hot applied mastic sealants for concrete

Cold-applied asphalt patches

Cold-Applied concrete patches

Waterproofing products



We're here to help you with your preservation projects

For more information about our high-performance pavement preservation products or the equipment with which to apply them, please contact your Crafco representative:


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