Pavement Solutions for Cracks and Joints (Less than 1.5")


Pavement cracks should be sealed as soon as they appear or when > 1/8" (3 mm) to achieve the best protection of the pavement. Approximately 75% of unsealed cracks develop into potholes in less than 3 years.


What type of solution do you need?   Hot-Applied SealantCold-Applied Silicone

Crafco Pavement Preservation Sealants are formulated to perform in a wide range of climatic conditions. All sealant specifications meet and exceed ASTM, Federal and State recommendations. Crafco is the only company that manufacturers pavement preservation sealants and the specialized equipment to apply them.  They all work together to provide you the confidence that you are receiving the highest quality, innovation and value available.



Crafco's PLEXI-melt is an innovative high strength, low density, protective packaging used to contain Crafco hot-applied sealants and mastics that quickly and thoroughly melts without affecting product installation characteristics or specification performance. PLEXI-melt packaged material is much easier to handle as blocks are dropped directly into the melter eliminating waste and empty boxes. PLEXI-melt block design melts much faster than conventional sealant block configurations, is both sun/water resistant and can be stored up to one year outdoors.

Features and Benefits:

Go-To-Arrow-medium PLEXI-melt eliminates need for traditional cardboard boxes!

Go-To-Arrow-medium Saves Money! The need for an extra crew member is eliminated!

Go-To-Arrow-medium Shape of PLEXI-melt block melts 58% faster than traditional boxed mastic/sealant material

Go-To-Arrow-medium Easy to handle! Simply add PLEXI-melt block directly into the melter

Go-To-Arrow-medium Fast melting packaging is made from an extremely strong yet durable material

Go-To-Arrow-medium Does NOT affect mastic/sealant specification

Go-To-Arrow-medium Promotes Safety. Each PLEXI-melt package is labeled with OSHA and GHS requirements

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Storage, Shipping, and Handling Instructions

Crafco-Hot-Applied-Crack-Sealant-Header Hot-Applied Crack Sealants

Continuously proven to be the longest-lasting crack sealants on the market, the 100+ variations of crack sealants are formulated to perform in specific climates, elevations, slopes, and traffic conditions. In the most comprehensive pavement surface study ever conducted, Crafco sealant demonstrated  the longest service life when 50% of non-Crafco sealants tested "failed" the study.  Crafco sealant demonstrated the lowest average annual cost per linear meter of crack.  You can be sure that there is a crack sealant engineered to be the best solution for your individual pavement preservation needs.


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Crafco hot-applied asphalt crack sealants are available in our new, innovative, meltable PLEXI-melt™ packaging.  


Hot-Applied Parking Lot Sealants

Parking Lot pavements are subject to slow moving vehicle traffic and foot traffic. These areas include but are not limited to: Parking Lots, Parking Garages, Driveways, Collector and Residential Streets, Crosswalks, Walkways and Recreation areas. Due to the nature of these types of pavements, special care should be taken when sealing cracks in these areas because they encounter different types of traffic than highways and high traffic volume roads. Crafco Parking Lot Sealant is specifically formulated for these areas.

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Hot-Applied Loop Detector Sealants

Crafco Loop Detector Sealant is a single component, hot melt, rubberized asphalt material formulated to be a stiff, yet flexible, sealant which is ideally suited for sealing traffic loop detector cuts. Crafco Loop Detector Sealant is a thin, free flowing fluid which pours easily and penetrates narrow traffic loop detector cuts.

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How to install Crafco hot-applied sealants 







Mini Melter E-Z Pour Super Shot E-Z Series II

Not sure which state-of-the-art sealant melter/applicator is right for you? Check out the comparison chart.



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Cold-Applied Silicone Crack and Joint Sealants

Crafco RoadSaver Silicone sealants are uniquely formulated, low-modulus sealants produced for sealing joints in Portland cement concrete pavements. The sealants are supplied as single-component, moisture-curing materials which provide lasting weather-resistant, flexible seals.

Crafco RoadSaver Silicone NS is a uniquely formulated low modulus non-sag silicone for sealing joints in Portland cement concrete pavements in all climates. The product is supplied as a ready-to-use, one component moisture curing system, which provides a lasting and flexible seal.
  Crafco RoadSaver Silicone SL is a low modulus silicone which offers the performance and durability characteristics of conventional non-sag silicone with the ease of installation of self-leveling materials. Crafco RoadSaver Silicone SL is supplied as a ready to use one component moisture curing system.

Independently proven to perform for 21+ years. See brochure for more details.


Crafco RoadSaver Silicone is designed to:

Go-To-Arrow-medium Keep moisture out of pavement sub-base

Go-To-Arrow-medium Prevent Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from entering joints

Go-To-Arrow-medium Prevent pavement distresses like cracks and spalls

Go-To-Arrow-medium Be flexible and durable to work in any climate

Go-To-Arrow-medium Withstand weather, traffic, and thermal movement

Go-To-Arrow-medium Last longer than any other silicone joint sealants
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